Nantes Software Modeling Group


Performance Benchmarking of Executable Domain-Specific Languages

Model-Driven Engineering, Industry 4.0, Domain-Specific Languages, Software Testing


Event-driven API Orchestration Architecture

Web APIs, GUI, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Vers un modèle de référence pour l’alignement métier-IT

Information Technology (IT), Business-IT Alignement (BITA)

Master Internship in Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence for Mechanistic Modeling in Epidemiology

domain-specific language (DSL), mechanistic modeling, software, engineering, knowledge representation, AI, epidemiology

Unifying Model Execution Facilities for Heterogeneous Metaprogramming Approaches

software language engineering (SLE), domain-specific languages (DSLs), metaprogramming, model execution


Postdoc position on Model-Driven Engineering for Low-Code Development Platforms (Lowcomote project - Marie Skłodowska‐Curie)

Lowcode, Modeling, Cloud Computing, Software Engineering