Nantes Software Modeling Group

International funded projects


H2020 ECSEL JU - Europe (April 2021 - March 2024)

Following-up the MegaM@Rt project (cf. below), AIDOaRt will investigate the AI-augmented automation of software engineering activities such as modeling, coding, testing and monitoring in order to address the challenge of the continuous development of large-scale industrial Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs).


H2020 ITN - Europe (January 2019 - December 2022)

Low-code development platforms allow non-programmers to build full applications by interacting through dynamic graphical user interfaces, visual diagrams and declarative languages. Lowcomote is an international project aiming at training 15 PhD students, with the potential to become the leaders of tomorrow engineering of low-code development plateforms..


H2020 ECSEL JU - Europe (April 2017 - March 2020)

The overall approach of MegaM@Rt is to scale up the use of model-based techniques by offering proper methods and related tooling intera cting between both design time and runtime, as well as to validate the designed and developed approach in concrete industrial cases involving complex systems. Thanks to the model-based method, different systems will be able to communicate through the entire development chain, and moreover it will be possible for systems in operation to feed back the collected data for continued development

National funded projects


ANR - France (March 2022 - February 2026)

RODIC considers how Software Engineering will help Industry 4.0 when reconfiguring production chains by the use of techniques and platforms based on Model-Driven Engineering, Domain-Specific Languages (DSL), Software Testing, Human-Machine Interfaces. The approach of RODIC is to consider most of the reconfiguration using the same models for the definition, verification, evaluation, validation, and code generation.


ANR - France (Mars 2021 - February 2025)

SeMaFoR aims at modeling, designing and coordinating decentralized Fog systems in a generic way by using a dedicated Architecture Description Language (ADL), a collaborative / consensual decision process and a mechanism for the automated coordination of reconfigurations.


Pôle EMC2 2020 - France (May 2021 - November 2022)

Ecoplex aims at developing an approach and software for integrating Life Cycle Analysis to Model-Based Systems Engineering to support the ecodesign of complex systems. The project includes partners in the shipbuilding and software industry, funded through a call for collaborative innovation among SMEs in Pays de la Loire and Brittany.


Atlanstic 2020 - France (2021 - 2022)

DR3AM-ML aims at facilitating the (semi-)automated identification of possible microservices for the migration of already existing applications to modern (microservices-based) architectures, by combining metaheuristic optimization with Machine Learning techniques.

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