Nantes Software Modeling Group

NaoMod tools

NaoMod develops several model engineering tools.


EMFViews is an Eclipse plugin that brings the concept of database views to the modeling world.


ATLc & ATOL are two alternative ATL transformations engines that supports incremental and constraint solving.


NeoEMF is a model persistence solution designed to store models in several kind of NoSQL datastores. It is fully compatible with EMF, making it easy to integrate into modeling applications.


The CoqTL tool provides a Coq based framework to express and write proofs on model transformations.


The MoDisco tool provides an extensible framework to develop model-driven tools for existing software modernization.

Co-maintained tools

We take part in the development and maintenance of these external tools.


The ATL model transformation language provides ways to produce a set of target models from a set of source models.


The Eclipse GEMOC Studio provides generic components through Eclipse technologies for the development, integration, and use of heterogeneous executable modeling languages.